The Legend

Stuart (Stu) May

The focus of this site is to share the personal life, work and family history of Stuart (Stu) May. Stu is known by many as the father of fashion eye wear design. We know you’ll enjoy reading and learning about how his efforts changed the industry for the better.

While we’re developing this site, please check back and read through the menu to catch up on new material. On these pages, you’ll have access to the beginning of the story.

If you’re a family member, friend (or long-lost one), former classmate (Dartmouth ’41), colleague from the optical or fashion industry, tennis partner from years back, or SCORE, Lion’s, or other volunteer friend, we encourage you to please share your stories so that we can post and share them on this site. Meanwhile, sit back, relax, and enjoy reading through the site.

Changing the Eyewear Industry, One Pair at a Time.

This website is dedicated to showcasing the personal journey, professional achievements, and family heritage of Stuart (Stu) May. Widely regarded as a pioneer in fashion eyewear design, Stu’s influence reshaped the industry. We invite you to explore and discover the impactful legacy of his work and how it revolutionized the world of eyewear.


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